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About PEAK Adventures

PEAK was founded in 2006 by a committed group of individuals who understood the potential of using adventure sports for Christian ministry.  Based in Bryson City, NC, PEAK operated an adventure sports camp, teaching whitewater kayaking, wilderness trekking and caving to boys and girls in middle school and high school.

We relocated the ministry to Greensboro in 2009 and began creating innovative programs using traditional “low ropes” adventure activities.  Our specialty was building better teams by developing relationships between team members.  We partnered with Camp GuilRock in Reidsville to design, build and operate a low ropes adventure learning course on their property.

Our experience with building better teams led us to create a leadership development model specifically for middle school students.  Rarely does anyone invest in training leaders in this age group, but our model works well because we focus on one simple goal and our instruction is based upon high energy activities.  Our one simple goal is “I Can Lead Myself Well”.  We chose this goal because a 13-year-old can grasp it; they know when they do it well and they know when they fail.

Beginning in 2017 our Board of Directors unanimously agreed to position PEAK Adventures as a community impact ministry in Greensboro.  We believed we could have a positive impact leveraging our strengths in youth leadership and adventure learning.  We adapted our purpose to fit our new direction:

Prosperity and brokenness exist side-by-side in Guilford County, with some neighborhoods suffering persistent poverty and violence.  Most are willing to tolerate the status quo.  We are not.  PEAK Adventures is committed to breaking cycles of untapped potential, poverty, and violence.

Please visit our Leadership TEAM, Summer Work Project and Adventure pages to learn more about how we serve in our community.



Building leaders to break cycles of untapped potential, poverty and violence.


PEAK graduates discovering their God-given purpose, equipped for a life defined by hope and not by circumstance.


PEAK Adventures thrives as a Christ-centered organization

We live out the Gospel of Christ to everyone through our words and actions

PEAK Adventures works for Biblical justice

We seek shalom for all peoples in our community

PEAK Adventures emphasizes safety

Our programs and activities promote the physical and emotional safety of participants, volunteers and staff

PEAK Adventures shows grace to all people

AS we received, so we give

PEAK Adventures strives for excellence

Our programs and activities are the evaluated and assessed for continuous improvement