About PEAK

About PEAK

PEAK was founded in 2006 by a committed group of individuals who understood the potential of using adventure sports for Christian ministry.  Based in Bryson City, NC, PEAK operated an adventure sports camp, teaching whitewater kayaking, wilderness trekking and caving to boys and girls in middle school and high school.
Over the years our mission shifted and we began to focus on using challenge and adventure to create relationship and community within groups and develop student leaders.  We relocated the ministry to Greensboro, NC in 2009.
Beginning in 2017 we began seeking ways to leverage our strengths in youth leadership development and adventure learning to address the poverty, brokenness and violence that plagues so many neighborhoods in Greensboro.
Today we serve the community in three areas:
  • PEAK TEAM offers challenge and adventure experiences to corporate and community clients.
  • Outdoor Wisdom Leadership School provides leadership training for middle school and high school studeents.
  • Journey is a high school ministry focused on developing spiritual and social maturity and academic success.


To build leaders, create community and equip for success.


Leaders of all ages from every community building a thriving Greensboro.


We believe that building leaders and community are the best ways to overcome society's brokenness.


Christ-Centered: Everything we are speaks Christ to everyone we meet

Safety: Emphasis on safety in all activities at all times

Integrity: We project honesty and strong moral principals

Excellence: For His glory and to benefit everyone we serve

Grace Filled: As we received, so we give