Adult Program

Adult Programs

Discovery Through Challenge

Adults tend to relate and communicate through patterns and expectations established by their organization's culture.  The good news is that as long as you stay in that same environment, the same things usually happen. The bad news is that the same things usually happen even when change is beneficial or necessary. And established patterns often means colleagues don't really get to know each other outside the organization's culture. 

We use challenge and adventure to encourage participants to stretch—emotionally, mentally and physically. We have seen groups change in just a few hours as they work together in new ways to overcome and solve the challenges. The debriefing process often elicits honest feedback, not only regarding the activity but also about issues in the workplace. The relaxed atmosphere of our challenge course paired with everyone's shared experience allows constructive dialog within the group. 

For adult groups we:

  • customize the program based upon the needs of the group and the objectives of the leader,
  • tailor the activities so all members of the group can enjoy participating,
  • adjust the challenge level to fit the group's expectations,
  • provide engaging debrief sessions led by adult facilitators with years of business and leadership experience. 


Program Options

One Hour Jumpstart

This short session is an ideal icebreaker before meetings.  The goal is simple: lead people to step out of their normal patterns, engage them in cooperative effort and infuse laughter and fun to get your business session off to a strong start.

Two Hour Energizer

This option is a great "energizer" between meeting sessions.  We provide several fast-paced, fun activities designed to enhance all aspects of communication within a team.

Half Day Team Session

This three hour event focuses on developing new patterns of relationship within the team.  We choose activities requiring high levels of communication, trust, respect and cooperation. Participants are encouraged to rate the encouragement, acceptance and accountability they experience during the activity.  All of the activities are fast-paced and require all participants to be actively engaged.  Through our pre-event planning process, we review the activities with our clients to determine any physical or medical limitations a group member might have.