Journey Program


Journey is our discipleship ministry serving high school students who graduate from our leadership classes at Hope Academy in Greensboro, NC.  Journey is a highly relational mentoring and discipleship program tailored to the needs of each high school student. 

Like all other teens, the students we serve have hopes and dreams for their future.  But economic struggles coupled with limited life experiences render many of their dreams moot.  Journey strives to break this cycle.

Through academic coaching we help each student raise their own bar by raising expectations for themselves.  We expect everyone to graduate from high school with a self-defined “next step” plan.  Everyone is expected to continue their education.

Through life skills coaching we encourage students to mature into the practical aspects of adult life, including financial literacy, interview skills and a broader set of life experiences.  For example, in the past year we’ve been rock climbing and horseback riding.

Through our student landscape business, we teach how a business works, including concepts like revenue, costs, profits and government mandates like taxes and W-2's. The students learn proper workplace behaviors and how to talk with clients while earning spending money. Since the profits are shared with the students, they learn the value of a job done right the first time. Beginning this summer older students will have the opportunity to qualify as “Manager On Duty”, giving them real world management experience and a stronger resume for their first “real” job.

PEAK is a Christian ministry and Journey students participate in Bible studies, group discussions about Christian principles applied to their everyday lives and focused prayer.