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Churches, Teams and Clubs

Team Building For Student Groups

PEAK developed an experience-based teaching tool, REAACH, for leaders who are ready to take their students beyond ordinary.  REAACH is a comprehensive team development tool, serving as an introduction to teamwork for younger students and a platform for team leader training for older students.


Relationship: Building better teams begins here. We focus on the building blocks of relationship: communication, trust, respect, cooperation and familiarity.

Encouragement: Using shared challenges, we engage all participants to utilize their different strengths and talents to complete their tasks.

Acceptance: We guide participants to develop trust, learn from failure and show grace to all.

Accountability: Challenge illustrates for participants the dual nature of responsibility, to themselves and to the group.

Community: Facilitators stress unity, common interests and fellowship to move the group toward authentic community.

 Heart: This segment reflects upon all of the preceding adventures to illustrate how individuals demonstrated love, courage, passion, character and compassion.

This program meets the needs of diverse groups in four ways:

  • A Clear Purpose: We create an environment where relationships flourish within your group.
  • A Good Fit: PEAK's facilitators consult with your leaders to create experiences that address the unique opportunities and challenges facing your group. 
  • A Good Value: One of our core values is to make experience-based training available to everyone through affordable fees.

REAACH Formats

Half Day: This is a three hour session, suitable for the morning or afternoon. We usually concentrate on two to three elements of REAACH.

Two Hour Energizer: This two hour session is a great addition to any planned activity, either at the beginning or somewhere in the middle. Energizers are fast paced and high energy, designed to fully engage all of your students in the activity.