Leadership Program


Learning to lead, beginning with self.  That is the objective of PEAK's leadership training for middle school and high school students. Regardless of their starting point, we believe every student can reach a place where they are competent leaders of themselves and others.  

We package time-tested leadership principles into short segments that are relational, experiential and visual.  Most segments are wrapped around a challenge that the students must solve by themselves.

Developing young leaders is central to our vision of adventure with a purpose.


Outdoor Wisdom Leadership School

PEAK offers leadership training through our Outdoor Wisdom Leadership School (OWLS).  OWLS is available to any organization that serves middle school and high school students and our program is effective for boys and girls, beginning in seventh grade and running through the twelfth grade.

We offer OWLS in a modular format, with two to six sessions.  Modules can be tailored to fit the available time allotment, spanning as little as six weeks or as long as a full academic year.  Modules may be taught at multiple venues, including at the client's location.

Please contact us at info@peakam.org for more information.