Groups Program


We tell everyone that our goal is to build better teams.  To serve public and private schools, we adapted our methods to equip students to make their own classrooms and schools better.  Our values-based programs provide challenges and experiences designed to develop life skills in middle school and high school students.

Students are presented with challenges that require them to:

  • Collaborate with their peers to explore a range of possible solutions.
  • Respect others as potential solutions are sorted out.
  • Communicate their ideas well.
  • Develop their capacity for situational leadership.
  • Actively participate in the solution.
  • Resolve conflict when faced with failure.
  • Celebrate their successes.

Friday was jam packed with team building exercises, critical thinking tasks and physically challenging activities to create a climate of love, support and encouragement among our students in their student families. It was a great day of laughter, smiles, lifting, holding, encouraging and fellowship. Hats off to our colleagues PEAK Adventure Ministries; they coordinated an amazing day of adventure in the outdoors to inspire our students to become team players and leaders. Multiple teachers shared how many students accepted the challenge to step up throughout the day.
School Administrator

Professional facilitators help the students unpack their experience after each activity through directed questions that encourage all students to describe their role in the solution.  Based on this feedback, our facilitators may adapt subsequent activities to draw out the quieter students while positively channeling the energy of more active students.

PEAK's playbook contains over 60 different activities.  We use these tools to engage the whole body and the whole mind.  This is a “low” course experience, with participants never more than 18” off the ground.  Helmets and harnesses are not required.

Our school programs are portable.  We bring the entire program to you, using available outdoor areas at your facility.  Please contact us to discuss a customized experience for your students.