Adventure Program


When PEAK Adventures staff lead an outdoor adventure for students, we make every effort to position the experience as the teacher.  Most of the students we serve grow up with a very narrow set of life experiences; for example, most have never been to a state park.  We expose the students to progressively more complex adventures, knowing that every time a student succeeds at a new skill, their possibilities expand.

Outdoor adventures are a reward for middle school students who stick with Leadership TEAM.  Simple day hikes offer these students the chance to try something totally new, and these hikes are great relationship builders between students and adult leaders.  Participation in outdoor adventures greatly increases the probability that a middle school student will participate in PEAK Adventures’ high school programs.

High school students are exposed to more, and more complex, adventures.  Through experience we know that exposing a teen to measured risk is a tool for teaching responsibility.  As in middle school, these adventures are great opportunities for building relationships within the group.  High school students participating in the Right Start Mentoring program can try at least one adventure experience every school year.

Rock Climbing Pilot Mt.
Hiking At Stone Mt.
Rock Climbing Pilot Mt.